White Balloon

This is a book full of magic and adventure. White Balloon is a true story about love, pain, and resilience, where all the characters come to life through the reader’s imagination.

Tarot, Viking runes, white magic, and mysticism are part of this fascinating story, which addresses indifference, bullying, depression, disability, sex, and drugs – great problems in today’s society – from a human and realistic point of view.

Traducido por: Alex Machholz



    Resilience is the ability to cope with adversity. This novel invites us to reflect on the inner strength that living beings have to face difficult times.

    The most resilient people have a better emotional balance in the face of stressful situations and better withstand pressure. This allows them a greater ability to meet challenges.

    Resilience capacity is tested in extreme situations, due to the unexpected loss of a loved one, enduring mistreatment or mental or physical abuse, due to illnesses, due to forgetfulness or emotional abandonment, emotional, work and economic failure, natural catastrophes or extreme poverty, are just some causes that can provoke in us the need to resurface like the Phoenix.

    Resilience is strength beyond endurance. It is the ability to overcome an adverse stimulus that affects our environment.


    T2S1 tells the story of two great friends who due to adversity have to live an extreme situation, White Balloon shows us the dark side of depression, bullying and lack of empathy that are evils in today's society and how they can get there to cause a person to make a fatal decision. White Balloon is a novel full of magic and adventures, which shows how fragile human beings are but thanks to the power of resilience, any situation can be overcome.


    The history of White Balloon revolves around magic, the occult, excesses and the value of friendship. The main character describes events through time in detail and is accompanied in this adventure by a unique family and supportive friends who help him overcome his grief through love and understanding.


    White Balloon is a story that takes place in Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Havana, London, Lisbon, NYC and a cruise in the Mediterranean.


    The previous hours had been a nightmare between the initial questioning with the police, the statement before the lawyer and the call I had to make at that time of the morning to Miami to explain to Ana that her son had died and that she needed to come back. to Mexico.

    The interrogation before the authorities lasted five hours for having entered the apartment regardless of the warning of the building's doorman who did not hesitate to clarify that, if I entered and touched the body, it would be at my own risk.